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Summer Camp Is Essential for Children's Development: Choose the Best One In Nassau County

Summer camp isn't just a seasonal pastime; it's a transformative experience that enriches children's lives in myriad ways. Discover why the Academic Explorers Summer Program stands out as the premier choice for Nassau County parents seeking a stimulating, educational best summer camp adventure for their children.

Academic Explorers Summer Program: Unleashing Potential through Thematic Studies

This year, we are switching things up at Academic Explorers. Our 2024 Summer Program offers a unique approach to summer camp, with two immersive thematic studies spanning three weeks each. Let's delve into the enriching experiences awaiting your child in our The Environment and The Arts units.

Exploring The Environment

Children looking at plants inside classroom

In this captivating unit, children embark on a journey of discovery through the land, air, and sea.

Land Studies

  • Old Westbury Gardens field trip: Immerse in the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for biodiversity and sustainable living practices.

  • Visit from Center for Science Teaching and Learning: Hands-on interaction with animals and reptiles cultivates empathy, curiosity, and respect for the diversity of life on Earth.

air Studies

  • Nassau County Aviation Museum field trip: Delve into the marvels of flight, sparking curiosity about aerodynamics and historical aviation achievements.

Sea studies

  • Long Island Aquarium field trip: Explore marine ecosystems firsthand, igniting a passion for ocean conservation and understanding the interconnectedness of marine life.

  • Sea creature "touch tank" brought into the classroom: Bring the wonders of the sea to life in the classroom, providing tactile learning experiences and fostering environmental stewardship.

Diving into The Arts

Children performing on stage in a show

In this creative unit, children unleash their artistic talents and explore various forms of artistic expression.

Performing Arts Studies

  • Theater performance: Engage in dramatic play and storytelling, building confidence and communication skills on stage.

  • Field trip to the NYC's The Museum of Broadway: Immerse in the world of theater and musicals, inspiring creativity and appreciation for the performing arts.

  • Visit from musical guests: Experience the magic of live music, fostering a love for melody, rhythm, and self-expression through performance.

Literary Arts Studies

  • Visit from local public librarian: Encourage a love for reading and storytelling, nurturing imagination and language skills.

  • Reading and writing challenges: Develop literacy skills through interactive reading sessions and creative writing exercises, empowering children to express themselves through words.

Visual Arts Activities

  • Field Trip to the Hofstra Museum of Art: Explore artistic masterpieces, inspiring creativity and self-expression through various mediums and techniques.

  • Art Gallery Event for families to visit: Showcase of children's artistic creations by turning our classrooms into a gallery, instilling pride and confidence in children's artistic abilities while fostering family involvement and appreciation for the arts.

your child deserves the best summer camp: Register for Academic Explorers 2024 Summer Program

Academic Explorers Summer Program offers an unparalleled summer camp experience that combines education, exploration, and creativity. Enroll your child today and embark on a journey of discovery and growth that will last a lifetime.

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