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In alignment with New York State Governor Kathy Hochul's initiative to expand high-quality child care, Academic Explorers has been selected by SUNY Old Westbury to bring flexible, affordable early childhood education to Long Island. Our day care and preschool program provides a solution for parents seeking accessible child care while in pursuit of higher education. Academic Explorers is open to all families in need of child care in the community, both on and off campus. SUNY Old Westbury students and staff receive priority enrollment.

About the director

Ms. Stephanie Dennis center director of academic explorers daycare in Roosevelt NY

With a Master of Science in Education, Ms. Stephanie has established herself as an Early Childhood Education professional, working her way up from leading a classroom as a teacher for 20 years to currently the Center Director. Ms. Stephanie excellently demonstrates our company core value of Learning as she commits herself to continuing her education and professional development by pursuing New York State certification.

Stephanie Dennis

Phone: (516) 535-9691


infant and toddler sisters at daycare

Teachers support our babies learning how to crawl, walk, and play with developmentally appropriate activities.


6 weeks - 2 years

science activity with girl in uniondale classroom

For families that occasionally need child care when their regular child care provider is unavailable.


18 months - 5 years

kids smiling in uniondale pre k

Through dramatic play and interactive learning, social-emotional skills are developed in our preschool classrooms.


2 - 5 years

preschool school bus for child transportation service in roosevelt

We provide pick up and drop off service to and from homes and schools for kids enrolled in our child care programs.


6 weeks - 12 years

before after school program in uniondale ny

Free meals and snacks, outdoor play, homework help, fun activities are included in our before & after school.


Kindergarten - 6th


Meet The Team

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Amazing staff with so much heart and caring mindset. It’s wonderful seeing our daughter get excited about going to daycare and afterschool here. The teachers really make an effort to engage the kids and develop them in a very individualized way. The management is really... More

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 8.29.28 PM.png

Academic explores has truly been a saving grace for family and I . I was looking for not just a daycare with academics but an extended family . Being a new mom , I had a lot of anxiety with trusting strangers with my baby but not only were the teachers reassuring, but also … More

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 7.12.18 PM.png

My now almost 3 year old daughter has attended the Academic Explorers in Uniondale for almost 2 years now. Since starting at 1 years old she has progressed from diapers to potty trained, she has been able to count in English and Spanish and recently now that she is more verbal … More

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How do you choose the right child care program? Enter your info and we'll email you free resources!

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