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All students and staff are assessed every morning to determine that they are free from symptoms of COVID-19, other contagious illnesses, and that they are well enough to be on-site.

November 1, 2020

Dear Academic Explorers Families & Community Members,

We are nearly two months into our 2020-2021 school year and although our Fall operations have had to change due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we are still having a blast with our Little Academics. Thank you to all families who have been engaged with and supportive of our programs and events this school year. As we approach the winter season and the unfortunate possibility of a rise in cases, we want to send reminders to families that we are still practicing our precautionary procedures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. All that is noted on the orange slides above are our current practices. Below are some updates and reminders:

  • We are licensed and regulated by New York State, so we must require parents and children to comply with all New York State travel restrictions and quarantine mandates in order to attend our centers. Please click here to keep yourself updated on the current COVID-19 Travel Advisory. Keep in mind that over the past few months, the information on the advisory page has changed frequently, so please check it prior to your out-of-state travel in order to plan ahead and arrange for back up child care as needed.

  • We no longer require staff and children to change their shoes upon entry. Instead, we have invested in a shoe disinfecting mat that we require all who enter the building to use upon entry.

  • We still require all adults who enter the building to wear face coverings. Parents of children two years of age and older have the option of providing their child with a face covering to wear throughout the day (except for during meals and nap) as long as their child has no medical condition or disability that would cause the face covering to be a hazard.

  • As a reminder, our policy has always been that tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. As a child care business, we have fixed expenses that do not change based on the amount of children attending. Therefore, if your child is absent for any reason, including a mandatory quarantine, you would still be required to pay tuition in order to secure their slot in our program. Your tuition payments help us to ensure that we are here to continue providing care for your child when you need us. Failure to pay tuition may result in disenrollment from our program. We appreciate your continued support.

Have you heard the news about the Essential Worker Child Care Scholarship program? If your child is currently enrolled in one of our centers and if at least one parent is an essential worker working outside the home, you may qualify for free child care throughout the next few weeks. Click here to learn more about the scholarship program.

Be safe and be well,

Danielle C. Paige, President

P.S. At this time, New York State is not mandating child care providers to close their programs. For confirmation of that, click here.

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