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child care tuition assistance

Get help paying for daycare!

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Complete this form and we'll email a few options!

We will reach out to you shortly!

We stay on top of available resources to help families cover the cost of child care. You should never have to sacrifice quality child care for affordability! If you do not qualify for DSS because you make more than the income limit shown above, you may be eligible for the WDI Scholarship. Contact us at 516-535-9691 so we can go over options with you. 

Here are some options:
Nassau county dSS (Department of social services)
Suffolk county dss (department of social services)
nyc acs (administrative for children's services)
wdi child care scholarship (up to $1,000/month)
child care aware of america (CCAoA)
TWU child care Fund
1199SEIU Child Care FUNDS

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