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It has been YEARS since we have gone on a Team Retreat! The pandemic really put a pause on all of the big plans we had after our last retreat to the Poconos back in 2019. This school year, we're coming back bigger and better than ever! We're going on a trip in our favorite cruise ship...and we're off to BERMUDA!


Poconos 2019

carnival venezia sailing from new york

Departs from nyc:
Thurs. 6/15/23
@ 4pm

Return to nyc:
Mon. 6/19/23
@ 8AM

  1. You must not call out from a full day of work for ANY REASON more than once per month starting 12/10/22 through June 2023. This does not include approved PTO (vacation) days. Aside from your approved vacation (PTO) days (that you must request at least two weeks in advance), there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made for absences of more than once per month.

  2. You must either be actively enrolled in college or a CDA program, OR you must complete 5 hours of additional training per month. These training hours can be completed at director-approved in-person trainings, or online training on CCEI. Even if you are not in a lead teacher position, this rule still applies. You may not be reminded frequently, so you need to keep up with and track your training hours on your own!

  3. If we have group activities or required meetings/check-ins on board during the cruise, you must participate. We promise there won't be many of these. This will mostly be a well-earned vacation for you to enjoy with your team, however failure to participate in any mandatory event will result in reimbursement of pre-paid fees through deductions from proceeding paychecks.

Want to join in?
Let's get to work!
here are the rules:


got this!

If you fail to meet the criteria of rules listed above, you can still attend with our group if you would like to, however your trip will not be paid for and you will not be required to participate it any work activities, meetings, or check-ins.


You must also meet all travel requirements and vaccination guidelines (if applicable - there may be none) set by Carnival cruise lines that are beyond our control.


How will this work, you ask? We are going to have an early dismissal on Thursday, June 15, 2023. We will be closed Friday, June 16, 2023, and we are already scheduled to be closed on Monday, June 19, 2023 in observance of Juneteenth. The cruise departs from NYC at 4:00pm on that Thursday, and you should arrive to the port no later than 1:00pm. Everyone must be present at work that Thursday for the early dismissal day, and we will close by 11:00am. We suggest that you pack your bags the night before so you can leave straight from work to get to the port in NYC on time. If you want to bring your luggage to work, we can arrange group transportation to NYC as needed.

You will be assigned to a quadruple or triple occupancy room. This means either four or three team members to share one room, but you will have separate beds. Double occupancy rooms MAY be assigned based on availability and seniority. If you would like to choose who you room with, this can be arranged, but all parties will have to agree. If you would like to pay extra to secure a double occupancy room or to room alone, this may be possible based on availability, but you must pay the difference. You would have to make this request and pay for it by March 1, 2023.

Want to bring your own friends or family? If you want to bring your own guests, you can do so at your own expense. We will only be covering the cost for you (if you are eligible/follow the rules) up to the amount of the triple occupancy room per person rate. If you would like to take advantage of our discounted group rate that we are offered through Carnival to get a separate room for your guests, you must let us know and pay for it before March 1, 2023 and we can try to make the arrangements if there is availability.

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